IG TV views

  • ✅ Views encourage others to Like & Comment on your posts
  • ✅ Helps increase your rankings from the Hashtags you used
  • ✅ Helps push you toward the “viral” effect
  • ✅ Others are more likely to Like, View & Comment on your posts
  • ✅ Orders are fully delivered within 24 hours
IGTV is one of the newest services Instagram has provided. With this feature, Instagram has gained a higher reputation than ever before and has emerged as one of the most important social media platforms in the world. This option has given content creators a great opportunity. With new capabilities that this feature brings, Instagram is on the rise in the competition among social media platforms for quite a while. If you are a content creator on IGTV, we offer a service to Buy IGTV video views.

If the video you want to share is more than a minute, it can be better because otherwise, you will have to divide your video on a normal post.


When someone watches a video on Instagram for at least 3 minutes, it is counted as a view.